Character Evolution and Evolutionary Development (Evo-Devo)

Robust phylogenetic hypotheses are essential for an analysis of morphological changes over evolutionary times. In Evo-Devo we are utilizing these phylogenetic trees to investigate the type and direction of change and the level of parallelisms, convergences in character evolution. For instance, actinomorphic flowers are rare in OW Gesneriaceae, and only a few out of ~85 genera possess regular flowers. Our results have shown that this trait has evolved independently several times.

We are also interested in understanding the underlying genetics of inter-specific phenotype variation. To this end we isolate candidate genes putatively responsible for the morphological variation and study their expression pattern.

Besides floral characters we study the evolution of vegetative variation. The African genus Streptocarpus shows a very labile vegetative morphology, with unifoliate, rosulate and caulescent morphs. We have studied genes, shown to be involved in meristem establishment and maintenance in the model plant Arabidopsis, for their behaviour in Streptocarpus. We investigated genes such as FILAMENT (FIL), PHANTASTICA (PHAN), WUSCHEL (WUS), and KNOX1 genes, such as BREVIPEDICELLUS (BP) and SHOOTMERISTEMLESS (STM), for their involvement in the meristem formation in Streptocarpus from embryo development to mature plants.

Recently, we have initiated projects to employ next generation sequencing approaches to study the genetic controls underlying the morphological diversity in Streptocarpus. We intend to harness a combination of next generation sequencing techniques and restriction-site associated DNA sequencing (RADseq) to generate a genetic map of Streptocarpus and associate the loci on the map. Transcriptome and synteny analyses will be used to obtain candidate genes for the loci. The work will deepen our understanding of the evolution of meristem control mechanisms which ultimately determines the morphological diversity in plants.

Current Projects:

Genetic control of floral form and pollination syndromes in Streptocarpus (with Javier Luna-Castro, Dr James Richardson, RBGE; Catherine Kidner, University of Edinburgh) 

Meristem evolution in Gesneriaceae (with Dr Kanae Nishii Tokyo Gakugei University; Prof Wang [Bruce] Chun-Neng, National Taiwan University)

Understanding meristem function in the morphologically flexible genus Streptocarpus (with Yun-Yu Chen, RBGE; Dr Kanae Nishii Tokyo Gakugei University; Catherine Kidner, University of Edinburgh)

Previous Projects:

Hormone involvement in anisocotyly of Streptocarpus (with Dr Kanae Nishii, Prof Wang Chun-Neng [Bruce], National Taiwan University; Dr Alberto Spada, University of Milan).

The involvement and expression of meristem genes in the phyllomorphic concept in Streptocarpus (Gesneriaceae) (with Prof Toshiyuki Nagata, University of Tokyo; Dr Alberto Spada, University of Milan).

Genetics and evolution of floral shapes in Streptocarpus (Gesneriaceae) (with Prof Wang Chun-Neng [Bruce], National Taiwan University)

Publications (chronologically):

Nishii K, MJ Ho, YW Chou, D Gabotti, CN Wang, A Spada, M MÖLLER (2014). GA2 and GA20-oxidase expressions are associated with the meristem position in Streptocarpus rexii (Gesneriaceae). Plant Growth Regulation 72:123-140.

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GA20 oxidase expression in developing Streptocarpus embryos (Nishii et al 2014).

GA20 oxidase expression in developing Streptocarpus embryos (Nishii et al 2014).

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