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Research interests

My research focus is documenting and explaining the species richness in the mega-diverse genus Begonia. My research has two strands, one based on classical herbarium taxonomy and the other focusing on biogeography from regional to continental scales. My taxonomic work is based in Southeast Asia, particularly Sumatra and the Philippines. This underpins my biogeographic research, which brings together distributional, molecular, geological, and climatic data to create synthetic hypotheses explaining current patterns of diversity in the genus. This aspect of my work is currently focused on the Philippine archipelago.

Current research & projects

  • Begonia Resource Center. A global database of Begonia names and specimens
  • Sumatran Begonia. Producing a taxonomic revision, in collaboration with Herbarium Bogoriense
  • Asian Begonia photo book. A photo guide to Asian Begonia, in collaboration with Academia Sinica and Koo Botanic Conservation Centre, Taiwan
  • Niche evolution in neotropical Begonia (Peter Moonlight, MacIntyre Begonia Scholar, University of Glasgow)
  • Biogeography of Sri Lanka (Lakmini Kumarage, Darwin Scholar, University of Edinburgh)
  • A revision of Begonia sect. Symbegonia in Papua New Guinea (Janet Gagul, University of Port Moresby; Martin Sands, RBGKew)
  • A revision of Northeast Indian Begonia (Becky Camfield, RBGE alumna)
  • Organelle genome incongruence in Begonia (Danny Fuller, RBGE alumnus)


    (please email me for reprints; publications in Google Scholar)

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