Carmen Puglisi

Photo by Kaylene Bransgrove.

Email: Carmen Puglisi

Phone: +44 (0)131 248 2915

Fax: +44 (0)131 248 2901

Research Project

I am interested in the taxonomy, molecular systematics and biogeography of Southeast Asian Gesneriaceae. Currently I am focusing on a group characterised by twisted fruits, comprising about 12 genera and 200 species. My PhD project aims to produce a detailed phylogeny of this group, a synopsis of its genera, a taxonomic revision of Boea and a preliminary study of the geographic history of the clade. A cytological investigation complements the data. My studies have also involved field work in Sarawak (Malaysia), Sumatra (Indonesia) and Palawan (Philippines) and a number of collaborations across Southeast Asia.

Paraboea leuserensis from Sumatra, photo by Mark Hughes.

Host Institute and Funding

This PhD is funded by the BBSRC and is supervised by Drs Richard Milne (University of Edinburgh), David Middleton and Michael Möller (both RBGE).

Paraboea amplifolia cultivated at RBGE but originally from Thailand. Photo by Carmen Puglisi.


PUGLISI, C., Middleton, D.J., Triboun, P., Möller, M. (2011). New insights into the relationships between Paraboea, Trisepalum and Phylloboea (Gesneriaceae) and their taxonomic consequences. Taxon, 60: 1693-1702.

Wanntorp, L., PUGLISI, C., Penneys, D., Ronse De Craene, L.P. (2011). Multiplication of floral organs in flowers: a case study in Conostegia (Melastomataceae,  Myrtales). In: Wanntorp & Ronse de Craene (eds.) Flowers on the Tree of Life. Cambridge University Press. Pp 218-235.

PUGLISI, C., Wei, Y.-G., Nishii, K., Möller, M. (2011). Oreocharis × heterandra (Gesneriaceae): a natural hybrid from the Shengtangshan Mountains, Guangxi, China. Phytotaxa 38:1-18.

Weber, A., Wei, Y.-G., PUGLISI, C., Wen, F., Mayer, V., Möller, M. (2011). A new definition of the genus Petrocodon. Phytotaxa 23: 49-67.

Middleton, D.J., PUGLISI, C., Triboun, P. & Möller, M. (2010). Proposal to conserve Paraboea against Phylloboea and Trisepalum (Gesneriaceae). Taxon 59 (5): 1603.

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