Inventory research in threatened areas

Checklist of Vascular Plants of Lao PDR A major goal of the Convention on Biological Diversity is to promote conservation and sustainable use in countries rich in biodiversity but poor in resources. To assist in this aim, we carry out highly collaborative inventory research with a strong element of training and capacity building.


The RBGE collaborates on major Southeast Asian Flora projects such as Flora Malesiana, and carries out joint fieldwork, floristic surveys and inventories in many parts of the region.


RBGE staff have produced a guide to forest trees in Central Africa.

Latin America

The ‘neotropical' regions of South America, Central America and the Caribbean collectively hold more plant species than any other area on the planet. RBGE has been researching this plant diversity for over 40 years, with a focus on tropical dry forest and savanna in areas with a strongly seasonal climate.

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