Leafy and bulbil development

LEAFY and bulbil development in Titanotrichum (Gesneriaceae)

SEM images of a developping flower (top) and bulbils (bottom) of Titanotrichum oldhamii (Gesneriaceae)Titanotrichum (Gesneriaceae): The Gesneriaceae homologue of the meristem identity gene FLORICOLA (FLO) isolated from Antirrhinum, GFLO was used to investigate meristem behaviour in Titanotrichum in relation to its bulbil development, a unique structure in Titanotrichum that allows the formation of numerous clonal propagules by vegetative means. These bulbils play a key role in the survival of this threatened species.


Chun-Neng [Bruce] Wang
Michael Möller


Wang CN [Bruce], Möller M, Cronk QCB. (2004) Altered expression of GFLO, the Gesneriaceae homologue of FLORICAULA/LEAFY, is associated with the transition to bulbil formation in Titanotrichum oldhamii. Development Genes and Evolution 214: 122-127.

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