Molecular laboratory facilities

We offer the following research facilities for population genetics, molecular phylogenetics and evo-devo work:

  • DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis: facilities for both small and large scale DNA extraction (including Retch Mixer mill/Plate spinning centrifuges) and agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis.
  • DNA Bank and silica gel preserved collections: -80oC storage facilities available
  • Molecular lab - laboratory space for general DNA and RNA techniques including library construction, microsatellite isolation and in situ hybridisation.
  • PCR: Clean air facilities for the preparation of PCR reactions. Bank of 14 PCR machines including gradient PCR capabilities.
  • Sequencing/fragment analysis: in-house service with CEQ 8000 and CEQ 8800 genetic analysis systems used for sequencing, AFLPs, microsatellite and SNP analysis.
  • Bioinformatics suite: equipped with Mac and PCs loaded with CEQ sequence and fragment analysis software, GeneCodes Sequencer, NTSYS, MINITAB, PAUP and various other software packages.

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