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Dr Michelle Hart is head of Scientific and Technical Services (STS) and manager of the molecular biology laboratories at RBGE.

Michelle's research interests lie in the development and application of molecular techniques to questions in plant population genetics and phylogenetics. Research to date has focused on invasive weeds of the genus Fallopia, molecular systematics of the European elms, and contributions to projects on a range of taxa including Epipactis, Corylus, Dussia, the Orchidinae and New Caledonian Podocarps. Michelle manages the Molecular Phylogenetics Project (MPP) which provides access to molecular data to all members of RBGE's scientific staff. Supported by molecular biology technician Alex Clark, the MPP involves molecular systematics investigations into five or six plant groups at any one time, and has covered a broad range of taxonomic groups including liverworts, diatoms, angiosperms and gymnosperms.

Current projects:

  • DNA barcoding
  • Species delimitation in Dussia
  • Patterns of reproductive biology in Parasitaxus ustus
  • Phylogenetics of Orchidinae
  • Molecular systematics of gingers
  • Development of molecular markers for Inga species

For more information on the laboratory facilities at RBGE visit the Scientific and Technical Sevice's web pages.  

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