Collaborative research

Scientific & Technical Services (STS) also supports the scientific research at RBGE by the production of genetic and microscopy data. STS staff work in collaboration with staff from all four RBGE Science sections: Major Floras, Tropical Diversity, Genetics and Conservation and Cryptogamic Plants and Fungi .

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Current molecular projects

Evolution and biogeography of Inga: Ruth Hollands, Toby Pennington (RBGE) & James Richardson (RBGE)

Establishing a standard DNA barcode for land plants: Michelle Hollingsworth, Pete Hollingsworth (RBGE) and Vimi Lomax (RBGE 2006)
Barcoding British bryophytes: Laura Forrest (RBGE 2006 - ), David Long (RBGE) & Pete Hollingsworth (RBGE). For more informationon on DNA barcoding projects at RBGE link to DNA Barcoding.

Genetic markers and bluebell hybridisation: Alex Clark, Pete Hollingsworth (RBGE) & Jane Squirrell (RBGE). For more information on the Bluebell Hybridisation project at RBGE link to Bluebell Hybridisation

Population genetics and phylogenetics of New Caledonian Araucaria: Alex Clark & Michelle Hollingsworth, Pete Hollingsworth (RBGE), Martin Gardner (RBGE), Phil Thomas (RBGE), Robert Mill (RBGE) & Mai-lan Kranitz (RBGE 2001-2004). For more information on Araucaria research at RBGE link to Araucaria Research

Multigene phylogeny of the complex thalloid liverworts: Laura Forrest (RBGE 2006-), Michelle Hollingsworth & David Long (RBGE)

Recent molecular projects

Phylogeny of Marchantiales (Complex Thalloid Liverworts): Alex Clark, Laura Forrest, Michelle Hollingsworth & David Long

New molecular markers for diatom phylogenetics, from class to species: Alex Clark, Michelle Hollingsworth, Kath Evans & David Mann

Molecular Phylogeny of Begonia Section Gireoudia: Alex Clark, Michelle Hollingsworth & Catherine Kidner

Molecular ITS phylogeny of old world Gesneriaceae, subfamily Cyrtandroideae: Alex Clark, Michelle Hollingsworth & Michael Möller

Phylogeny of Gesneriaceae of Africa and Madagascar: Alex Clark, Michelle Hollingsworth & Michael Möller

Transatlantic biogeography of Renealmia: Alex Clark, Michelle Hollingsworth, Mark Newman, David Harris & Toby Pennington

Systematics and biogeography of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae): Alex Clark, Hannah Atkins & Toby Pennington

Current microscopy project

Seed Ontogeny in the Genera of Trichosporeae sensu Wiehler & Burtt (1995): Frieda Christie, Michael Möller (RBGE)

Recent Microscopy Projects

Rhododendron burmanicum leaf survey: Frieda Christie, John David (RHS Wisley)

Rhododendron leaf survey for the Flora of Nepal Handbook: Frieda Christie, Mark Watson (RBGE)

Streptocarpus papangae Ontogeny: Frieda Christie, Kwiton Jong (RBGE)

Vireya Rhododendron survey: Frieda Christie, George Argent (RBGE)

Recent publications

Molecular data produced by STS staff have contributed to the following publications:

FORREST LL, DAVIS EC, LONG DG, CRANDALL-STOTLER BJ, CLARK A. & HOLLINGSWORTH ML. 2006. Unraveling the Evolutionary History of the Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) - Multiple Taxa, Genomes and Analyses. The Bryologist. 109: 303-334.

HARRIS DJ, NEWMAN MF, HOLLINGSWORTH ML, MOELLER M, & CLARK A (2006) The phylogenetic position of Aulotandra Gagnep. (Zingiberaceae)
Nordic Journal of Botany 23(6), 725-734

HOLLINGSWORTH PM, SQUIRRELL J, HOLLINGSWORTH ML, RICHARDS AJ & BATEMAN RM (2006) Taxonomic complexity, conservation and recurrent origins of self-pollination in Epipactis (Orchidaceae). In: Contributions to taxonomic research on the British and European Flora (ed. Bailey JP). BSBI, London.

WILKIE P, PONGE A, PENNINGTON RT, CHEEK M, BAYER C. & WILCOCK C. (2006). A phylogenetic analysis of subfamily Sterculioideae (Malvaceae /Sterculiaceae - Sterculieae) using the chloroplast gene ndhF. Systematic Botany 31: 160-170.

BATEMAN RM, HOLLINGSWORTH PM, SQUIRRELL J, HOLLINGSWORTH ML (2005) Tribe Neottiaeae: Phylogenetics. In: Genera Orchidacearum, volume 4 (eds. Pridgeon AM, Cribb PJ, Chase MW, Rasmussen FN), pp. 487-495. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

SINCLAIR WT, MILL RR, MÖLLER M, GARDNER M F, WOLTZ P, JAFFRÉ T, PRESTON J, HOLLINGSWORTH M & PONGE A. (2002). Evolutionary relationships of the New Caledonian heterotrophic conifer, Parasitaxus usta (Podocarpaceae), inferred from chloroplast trnL-F intron / spacer and nuclear rDNA ITS2 sequences. Plant Syst. Evol. 233: 79-104.

SQUIRRELL J, HOLLINGSWORTH PM, BATEMAN RM, TEBBITT MC & HOLLINGSWORTH ML (2002). Taxonomic complexity and breeding system transitions: conservation genetics of the Epipactis leptochila complex (Orchidaceae). Molecular Ecology 11: 1957-1964.

RADFORD EA, WATSON MF & PRESTON J. 2001. Phylogenetic relationships of species of Aciphylla (Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae) and related genera using molecular, morphological and combined data sets. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 39: 183-208.

DOWNIE SR., KATZ-DOWNIE DS & WATSON MF. 2000. A Phylogeny of the Flowering Plant Family Apiaceae Based on Chloroplast DNA rpl16 and rpoC1 Intron Sequences: towards a suprageneric classification of subfamily Apioideae. American Journal of Botany, 87: 273-292.

DOWNIE SR, WATSON MF, SPALIK K & KATZ-DOWNIE DS. 2000. Molecular Systematics of Old World Apioideae (Apiaceae): relationships among some members of tribe Peucedaneae sensu lato, and the placement of several island-endemic species, and resolution within the apioid superclade. Canadian Journal of Botany, 78: 506-528.

DOWNIE SR, PLUNKETT GM, WATSON M.F, ET AL. 2001. Tribes and clades within Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae: the contribution of molecular data. Edinburgh Journal of Botany, 58: 301-330.

LONG DG, PRESTON J & MÖLLER M. 2000. Phylogenetic relationships of Asterella (Aytoniaceae, Marchantiopsida) inferred from chloroplast DNA sequences. The Bryologist 103: 625 644.

SARKINEN TE, NEWMAN MF, MAAS PJM, MAAS H, POULSEN AD, HARRIS DJ, RICHARDSON JE, CLARK A, HOLLINGSWORTH ML, PENNINGTON RT. (2007). Recent oceanic long-distance dispersal and divergence in the amphi-Atlantic rain forest genus Renealmia L.f. (Zingiberaceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 44: 968-980

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