Hugh Francis Clarke Cleghorn (1820–1895)

Cleghorn, best known as a pioneering Forest Conservator in India was also, posthumously, one of the greatest benefactors the RBGE has ever had. There are three major elements to his collections: books, botanical drawings, and herbarium specimens. The story of Cleghorn and his collections has been pieced together over the last 20 years, from widely scattered sources in Britain and India, by Henry Noltie. The findings were published in two books in 2016 – a biography of Cleghorn – Indian Forester, Scottish Laird, and a book on the outstanding drawings that he commissioned in India – The Cleghorn Collection. Much more was discovered than could be fitted into the books, and the purpose of this webpage is to make some of this supplementary information more widely available (and electronically searchable). Here are links to the catalogues of the various elements of the drawings collections, transcripts of Cleghorn’s letters to John Hutton Balfour and to the Hookers (father and son). Also biographical information about some of Cleghorn’s European associates in India, on his herbarium and ethnobotanical collections, and a bibliography of his publications.

A short film about the collections of Cleghorn at RBGE can be viewed here, and click here for a slideshow of a selection of images from the two Cleghorn volumes.


  1. Drawings (Cleghorn Madras Drawings, Cleghorn Shemoga Drawings, CopyIllustrations, HMCopies, OtherArtists)
  2. Artefacts
  3. Herbarium


  1. To John Hutton Balfour
  2. To the Hookers


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