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Phone: +44 (0)131 248 2828

My research focus is on floristics and fieldwork in the Sino-Himalayan region and monographic studies on the plant family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae). This has included the author and editor for Flora of Bhutan (completed 2002), author and member of the Editorial Board of the Flora of China (completed 2013), member of the Editorial Board of Flora of the Pan Himalayan Region (ongoing) and author and Editor-in-Chief of the Flora of Nepal (ongoing). Major responsibilities include: managerial and leadership roles (Head of RBGE’s Major Floras Research Programme); project development, funding and delivery; international partnership development; and floristic and botanical history research. I am also active in biodiversity informatics research and virtually all the projects I am involved in are ‘born digital’ with a digital information management system at the core.

My research aims to:

  • Lead in the innovative development of e-Floras through Flora of Nepal (a pioneer ‘born digital’ Flora) and global initiatives such as World Flora Online and the Flora of the Pan Himalaya.
  • Understand and open up the work of historical collectors in India and Nepal (e.g. Francis Buchanan-Hamilton and Nathaniel Wallich), interpreting and mobilizing their data as a foundation for taxonomic research.
  • Complete the Flora of Nepal through traditional ‘taxon-based’ approaches and ‘demand-led’ treatments of user-led priority groups.
  • Integrate high quality, scientific data into international development programmes – empowering local communities to make the right livelihood choices.

Take an active role in the ‘modernisation’ of botanical nomenclature, through Special Committees on e-Publication, Registration, etc.

Measures of Esteem:

Royal Caledonia Horticultural Society Dr Patrick Neill (2013)

Certificate of Appreciation, Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (2014)

Certificate of Appreciation, Government of Nepal, Nepal Embassy, UK (2014)

Nepal Scotland Association Charity Award (2015)

Council of the Linnean Society of London (2009-2012)

Editorial Committee, Flora of China (1994-2014)

Editorial Committee, Pan Himalayan Flora (2013-)

Co-Chair, World Flora Online Technical Working Group (2015-)

Selected publications (post 2000)

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