Colin Pendry

Floristic Researcher and Editor, Flora of Nepal

Colin Pendry 

PhD, University of Stirling, 1994 ‘Ecological studies on rain forests at three altitudes on Bukit Belalong, Brunei'.

 Current research focus:

  • Writing and editing family accounts for the Flora of Nepal, with a particular interest in the Polygalaceae, Polygonaceae and Lauraceae;
  • Coordinating authors' contributions to the Flora of Nepal;
  • Developing floristic output for the internet;
  • Carrying out fieldwork in under-collected regions of Nepal. I have been on 6 expeditions between 2004 and 2011;
  • Capacity building and training of Nepalese botanists, initially through the Darwin Project Building Capacity for Plant Biodiversity, Inventory and Conservation in Nepal and latterly by raising funds for individuals.

 Selected Publications:

Watson, M. F., Akiyama, S., Ikeda, H., Pendry, C.A., Rajbhandari, K.R.& Shrestha, KK. (eds). (2011) Flora of Nepal. Volume 3. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Includes sole or joint authorship of   Lauraceae, Schisandraceae, Tetracentraceae, Rosaceae, Papaveraceae, Magnoliaceae, Saxifragaceae, Hydrangeaceae.

Pendry, C.A. Watson, M. F. & Blackmore, S. (2011) Flora of Nepal Third Editorial Meeting. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 44: 4-8.

Pendry, C.A. (2010) Epirixanthes compressa Pendry, a new species of Polygalaceae from Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin 38: 184–186.

Pendry, C.A. (2010) A new species of Neillia (Rosaceae) from Bhutan and eastern Nepal. Phytotaxa 10: 38–40.

Pendry, C.A., Parnell, J.A.N. & Welzen, P.C. (2009) Biogeographic links between Thailand and Nepal and the potential for collaboration between their Flora projects. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany) Special Issue: 169-185.

Pendry, C.A., & Watson, M.F. (2009) Flora Malesiana and the Flora of Nepal: floristic links and the potential for collaboration. Blumea 54(1-3) 18-22.

Pendry, C.A., Watson, M.F., Shrestha, KK., Rajbhandari, K.R. (2009) Building capacity for plant biodiversity, inventory and conservation in Nepal: Activities of the recent Darwin Initiative Project in Nepal. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 42: 16-27.

Pendry, C.A., Dick, J., Pullan, M.R., Miller, A.G., Neale, S.G., Knees, S., Watson, M.F. (2007) In search of a functional flora - towards a greater integration of ecology and taxonomy. Plant Ecology 192: 161-167.

Pendry, C.A. (2004) Monograph of Ruprechtia (Polygonaceae). Systematic Botany Monographs 67, 1-113.

Pendry, C.A. (2003) Nine new species of Ruprechtia (Polygonaceae). Edinburgh Journal of Botany 60(1) 19-42.

Pendry, C.A. (2001) Polygalaceae. Flora of Thailand, 7(3), 498-538.

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