Colin Pendry

Floristic Researcher and Editor, Flora of Nepal

PhD, University of Stirling, 1994 ‘Ecological studies on rain forests at three altitudes on Bukit Belalong, Brunei'.

 Current research focus:

  • Writing and editing family accounts for the Flora of Nepal, with a particular interest in the Polygalaceae, Labiateae and Lauraceae;
  • Coordinating authors' contributions to the Flora of Nepal;
  • Developing floristic output for the internet;
  • Carrying out fieldwork in under-collected regions of Nepal. I have been on 8 expeditions between 2004 and 2014;
  • Capacity building and training of Nepalese botanists, initially through the Darwin Project Building Capacity for Plant Biodiversity, Inventory and Conservation in Nepal and latterly by raising funds for individual projects.
  • World Flora Online: member of the Taxonomic Sub-committee.

 Selected Publications:

Miehe, G., Pendry, C.A. & Chaudhary, R. (2015) Nepal: an introduction to the natural history, ecologyand human environment in the Himalayas. Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Watson, M.F., Lyal, H.C. & Pendry, C.A. (eds.) (2015) Descriptive Taxonomy: The Foundation of Biodiversity Research. Cambridge University Press.

B. Adhikari, R. Milne, R. T. Pennington, T. Särkinen & C.A. Pendry (2015) Systematics and biogeography of Berberis s.l. inferred from nuclear ITS and chloroplast ndhF gene sequences. Taxon 64 (1): 39–48

Pendry, C.A. (2014) Polygalaceae. Flora of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 34.

Pendry, C.A. & Watson, M.F. (2014) Report on the 5th International Editorial Meeting of the Flora of Nepal. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany, 48: 18-23.

Saslis-Lagoudakis, C.H., Hawkins, J.A., Greenhill, S.J., Pendry, C. A., Watson, M. F., Tuladhar-Douglas, W., Baral, S.R. &  Savolainen, V. (2014) The evolution of traditional knowledge: environment shapes medicinal plant use in Nepal. Proc. R. Soc. B 2014 281, 20132768

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