Sabina Knees

Current focus:Sabina Knees collecting plants on Socotra

Sabina has researched and edited the Flora of Arabia since 2005.

Before joining CMEP in 2005, Sabina was a principal editor on the European Garden Flora, and a Stanley Smith Research Fellow based at the RBGE. She has spent seven years as editor of The New Plantsman for the Royal Horticultural Society, and was CITES officer at RBG Kew for 2 years.

Sabina has numerous publications in horticulture, plant taxonomy and plant conservation. Sabina’s expertise in cultivated plants has contributed to a number of recent projects, including the Oman Botanic Garden, NGBB and the Socotra Botanic Garden. She has also been involved in survey work for the Socotra Archipelago.

Sabina is a member of the Horticultural Taxonomy Group (Hortax), the IUCN SSC Arabian Plant Specialist Group and the Executive Committee of the Friends of Socotra. She completed her PhD thesis on the systematics, phylogenetics and conservation of Abies around the Mediterranean in 2010.

Selected publications:

Knees, S.G. (2003). Apium, Cicuta, Crithmum, Cyclospermum, Kundmannia, Magydaris, Lilaeopsis in Nieto Feliner, G., Jury, S.L. & Herrero, A. (eds.) Flora Iberica Vol. X Araliaceae-Umbelliferae, Real Jardin Botanico. 498 pp.

Knees, S.G., Laser, S., Miller, A.G. & Patzelt, A. (2007). A new species of Barleria (section Prionitis) from Oman. Edinburgh Journal of Botany.64(1): 107-112.

Knees, S.G. & Miller, A.G. (eds.) (2007). Cope, T.A. Flora of the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra. Volume 5(1). 387 pp.

Knees, S., Miller, A., Al Farhan, A. & M. Watson (2009). Current knowledge of Umbelliferae in the Arabian Peninsula - preparation for a floristic treatment. Progress in Apiales research - a multidisciplinary approach. Botanische Jahrbücher

Knees, S., Zantout, N., Gardner, M., Neale, S. & A. Miller (2009). Flora of Iraq, preliminary checklist, field version.

Knees, S.G. & Springate, L.S. (2009). The International Conifer Register and Checklist part 5 Phyllocladus to Sundacarpus. RHS, London. 112 pp.

Kirsten Wolff, Sabina Knees and Suzanne Cubey. Genetic relatedness and cultivar identification in a valuable garden species, Hesperantha coccinea (Schizostylis coccinea). Plant Genetic Resources. Published online by Cambridge University Press 07 May 2009 doi:10.1017/S1479262109371580.

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