Flora of Arabia

The Flora of Arabia covers Saudi Arabia, Yemen (including the Soqotran Archipelago), Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. It will contain 3500 - 4000 species including naturalised alien species, and will appear in 5 volumes with the families in Englerian order.

Volume I was published in 1996 and covered pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperm families from Casuarinaceae to Neuradaceae. Volume V part 1 was published in September 2007. This volume contains all the grasses (Poaceae), a total of 470 with 65 line drawings. The remaining monocot families will be published separately as volume V part 2. As this includes some very ornamental species the volume will be produced in colour. All remaining volumes will include colour plates as well as traditional line drawings.

As the data is held electronically other publications can easily be produced to suit the requirements of users such as ecologists, foresters, conservationists, educationalists or tourists. The information can be generated in political or biological units such as a Flora of Oman or a Handbook of Trees of the Arabian Peninsula.


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Echidnopsis bentii

Echidnopsis bentii from Soqotra

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