Martin Pullan

Contact Details

Phone: +44 (0)131 248 2908

Fax: +44 (0)131 248 2901

Current Interests

My current interests lie in the development of taxonomic data management applications to (a) devise systems for the handling of multiple simultaneous classifications (b) Drive specimen oriented taxonomy to provide a more robust taxonomic framework through appropriate use of IT. I also have an interest in the use of structured design techniques in the development of task oriented web based portals to taxonomic data.


Selected publications

Neale, S.H., Pullan, M.R, Watson, M. F. (2007) Online Biodiversity Resources - Principles for Usability. Biodiversity Informatics, 4: 27-36

Pendry, C.A., Dick, J., Pullan, M.R., Miller, A.G., Neale, S.H., Knees, S., Watson, M.F. (2007) In search of a functional flora-towards a greaterintegration of ecology and taxonomy. Plant Ecol 192:161-167

Pullan, M.R., Armstrong, K.E., Paterson T., Alan Cannon, Jessie B. Kennedy,Mark F. Watson, Sarah McDonald & Cédric Raguenaud (2005) The Prometheus Description Model: an examination of the taxonomic description-building process and its representation. Taxon 54(3): 751 - 765

Raguenaud C., Pullan, M.R. Watson, M.F., Kennedy, J.B., Newman, M.F., and Barclay P.J. (2002) Implementation of the Prometheus Taxonomic Model: A comparison of database models and query languages and an introduction to the Prometheus Object-Oriented Model. Taxon 51: 131-242

Bayer M.M., Pullan M.R., Mann, D.G., Juggins, S., Ciobanu, A., Santos, L., Shahbazkhia, H., duBuf, H., Fischer, S., Bunke, H., Wilkinson, M.H.F., Roerdink, J.B.T.M., Pech-Pacheco, J., Cristobal, G., Cirimele, V. and B.Ludes. (2001) ADIAC: Using computer vision technology for automatic diatom Identification. In: 16th International Diatom Symposium 25thAug - 1 Sept. 2000, Athens and Aegaen Islands Proceedings (2001) Ed. A Economou-Amilli. p.537 - 562. University of Athens Greece.

Pullan M.R., Watson M, Kennedy J, Raguenaud C, Hyam R (2000), The Prometheus Taxonomic Model: a practical approach to representing multiple taxonomies. Taxon, 49:55-75.

Pullan,M.R. (1998) Biodiversity Inventory of Scotland: a first integrated checklist of Scottish plants and fungi. Final Report Scottish Office Project No. RBG/001/96.

Pankhurst,R.J. & PULLAN, M.R. (1996) DELTA in PANDORA.Taxonomic descriptions in a relational database. Delta Newsletter 12: 16-20

Pullan,M.R. (1996) The design and implementation of culture collections databases. Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress for Culture Collections. Eds. R.A. Samson, J.A. Stalpers, D. van der Mei, and A.H. Stouthamer. Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Baarn, The Netherlands.

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