Dr David Harris (Herbarium Curator and Deputy Director of Science)

Email: David Harris  d.harris@rbge.org.uk              

Phone: +44 (0)131 248 2862

Curatorial Responsibilities

I have overall responsibilities for the preserved specimens held in the herbarium (link) at RBGE. My main aim is to maintain the focus of the herbarium as a research collection. The way I attempt to do this is by concentrating on the relevance of the collection to RBGE biodiversity science and the wider research community. Following this path I am interested in increasing standards of physical curation; keeping up with changing requirements for herbarium specimens - such as increase in requests for material for DNA sequencing; reorganising herbaria to keep up with modern classifications (APG) and increasing access to specimens, especially through digitisation.

Research Interests

I am interested in the vascular plants of central Africa, especially from the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon and the Central African Republic. I am preparing a monograph on the genus Aframomum (Zingiberaceae).

(Please email me for reprints) d.harris@rbge.org.uk


Trees of northern Congo




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