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DNA Barcoding

DNA barcoding will allow census of life within 30 years, report states
, Horticulture Week, 17/08/16
Code ensures species survive and thrive
, The Scotsman, 17/11/14
Bacteriophages; Breath-detecting disease; Our bees electric and DNA Barcoding, (Radio 4 Inside Science, start at 19 min) BBC, 26/05/14
Green shoots of discovery at Botanics, The Scotsman, 29/05/10
Rare flowers and common herbal supplements get unmasked with plant DNA barcoding, Scientific American, 18/04/10
'Barcode' to help identify plants, BBC, 10/11/09
Biologists unveil plant DNA barcode, Nature, 10/11/09
DNA barcoding all our flora and fauna, The Daily Telegraph, 11/09/09
Scientists unveil plant DNA barcode, The Daily Telegraph, 21/8/08
Plant experts unveil DNA barcode, BBC, 29/07/09
Botanical barcoding will allow scanner to identify plants, The Daily Telegraph, 28/7/09
Botany to turn over a new leaf as DNA barcodes speed up plant identification, The Scotsman, 28/7/09
First DNA barcode for plants made in Scotland, The Herald, 28/7/09

Panda Diet Analysis

Chinese and British scientists work to unveil secrets hidden within the giant pandas' diet
, China Central Television, 26/04/16
How studying poo is helping to save pandas
, BBC News, 20/04/16
‘Scottish’ pandas aid research
, Headline News, 15/04/16
Edinburgh Zoo pandas provide poo for diet research
, Independent Ireland and Belfast News, 13/04/16; Scotland Star, 14/04/16
Giant panda poo Study to aid species conservation
, Tech Times, 14/04/16
Study of Edinburgh Zoo panda poo could help save species
, Scotland Now, 13/04/16
Poo from Edinburgh Zoo pandas being used for diet research
, Evening Echo, 13/04/16
Sunshine's droppings could shed light on panda diet mystery
, Yahoo, 13/04/16
Edinburgh Zoo panda poo donated for research project
, STV News, 13/04/16
Edinburgh scientists to study panda faeces to aid conservation
, BBC, 13/04/16
Sunshine's droppings could shed light on panda diet mystery
, Reuters, 13/04/16
Poo study of Edinburgh giant pandas could help save species
, The Scotsman, 12/04/16
Scots scientists awarded £250,000 to study panda poo at Edinburgh Zoo
, The Express, 12/04/16
Scientists to study panda droppings
, OOYUZ beta, 12/04/16


Relationship flowers between China and Edinburgh’s Botanics
, The Times, 02/09/16
Chinese book uses Scottish examples of native rhododendrons
, The Scotsman, 01/09/16

New Species
Prongwort discovery 'unique' to the Highlands
, BBC, 13/03/12 
New plant species find in Wester-Ross
, The Herald, 13/03/12


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