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Prof. Pete Hollingsworth is Director of Science at RBGE. His work aims to:

  1. Gain an increased understanding of the processes governing the evolution of plant biodiversity, with a particular emphasis on those processes which lead to diversification and taxonomic complexity
  2. Develop effective mechanisms for rapid characterization of plant species diversity, such as DNA barcoding
  3. Enhance the integration of genetic information into conservation programmes, with a strong emphasis on working with conservation practitioners and policy makers to (a) deliver targeted research to underpin the conservation of flagship species, (b) develop conservation strategies, and (c) promote knowledge exchange between genetics researchers and conservationists
  4. Use floristic scale distributional data to enhance strategies for the conservation of plant biodiversity

Other activities

  1. Chair of the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Barcode of Life Project. This committee is responsible for scientific direction and coordination of international activities to build a DNA sequence database of life on earth as a tool for species identification and species discovery. Pete Hollingsworth also chairs the Plant Working Groups of the international Consortium for the Barcode of Life and the International Barcode of Life Project.
  2. Member of the IUCN SSC Re-introduction and Invasive Species Specialist Groups' Task Force on Moving Plants and Animals for Conservation Purposes.
  3. Member of the UK Conservation Genetics Working Group (a forum linking academic researchers and representatives of UK government conservation agencies).
  4. Editor of Heredity

For information on individual projects, visit our Molecular Ecology web pages.

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