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My research focus is conservation and ecological genetics of threatened plant species. During my PhD (ETH Zurich) I worked on potential negative ecological and genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation for rare, threatened and endemic tree species of the Seychelles. Following on from that I came to RBGE to work on the evolution and population dynamics of threatened and endemic New Caledonian Araucaria tree species. The use of ecological means in combination with high throughput molecular data can be fundamental to develop appropriate conservation strategies for species. Therefore, using a multidisciplinary approach, my current work aims to detect contemporary and potential future risks for endangered but also common species which are faced with climate change and habitat loss.

Research Interests

  1. Conservation and ecological genetics
  2. Landscape genetics and population dynamics
  3. Inbreeding and outbreeding effects in small populations
  4. Restoration genetics

Publications (peer reviewed)


Ruhsam M, Clark A, Finger A, Wulff AS, Mill RR, Thomas P, Gardner M, Gaudeul M, Ennos RA and PM Hollingsworth (2016). Hidden in plain view: cryptic diversity in the emblematic Araucaria of New Caledonia. American Journal of Botany 103(5): 888-898


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Book chapters and non peer-reviewed publications

Book chapters

Finger, A., Radespiel, U., Habel, J., Kettle C. (2014) Forest fragmentation genetics. In: C.J. Kettle and L.P. Koh (Eds) Global Forest Fragmentation. (pp. 51-68). Wallingford, U.K.: CABI.

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Finger, A. & Kettle, C. (2014) How genetics can contribute to conservation. In: J.C. Habel and M. Meyer (Eds) Jewels in the mist - A synopsis on the endangered Violet Copper butterfly Lycaena helle. (pp. 125-126). Bulgaria: PENSOFT

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Finger, A., Kettle, C., Kaiser-Bunbury, C., Valentin, T., Doudee, D., Matatiken, D., Ghazoul, J. (2012) The importance of genetic information for three Seychelles endemic tree species. Kapisen November edition 2012.

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