Alexandra Wortley

China Programme Coordinator


Research interests

I have a background in biodiversity research, plant systematics, evolution and palynology. I help to coordinate RBGE’s work in China and to teach phylogenetics on the MSc in Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants. My current research falls into two main areas:

  1. Evolution of angiosperm pollen. With Prof. Wang Hong of Kunming Institute of Botany, I am leading a research programme to examine the diversity and evolution of pollen grains throughout the flowering plants. We use the most up-to date molecular phylogenies and detailed palynological analyses to explore the changes in character state underlying key clades and events in the angiosperm tree of life.
  2. Palaeobotany and palaeoecology of the Yulong Xue Shan. The Yulong Xue Shan (Jade Dragon Snow Mountain), Yunnan, China, is the site of RBGE’s international field station in an area of global significance for plant diversity (the Mountains of Southwest China Hotspot). In collaboration with Dr. Yao Yi-feng of the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, I am using pollen grains extracted from sediment cores to infer Quaternary vegetation patterns, and from that, past climate and anthropogenic inferences. This research provides a historical background and baseline for RBGE’s contemporary studies of the mountain’s flora, and an insight into the possible trajectory for this vegetation under future climatic changes.



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Alexandra Wortley

 Alexandra Wortley

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