Genetics & Conservation

The work of the RBGE's Genetics and Conservation section focusses on conservation relevant research to shape policy and practice. It is organised into three themes:

Araucaria columnaris

1) Ecology and Global Environmental Change

Dr Antje Ahrends: Head of Genetics and Conservation
Dr Alexandra Wortley: Senior Scientist - China Programme Coordinator

2) Conifer Conservation 

Martin Gardner: Coordinator of the International Conifer Conservation Programme
Philip Thomas: Research Officer, International Conifer Conservation Programme
Dr Robert Mill: Gymnosperm systematist, specialising in Podocarpaceae and Araucariaceae

3) Molecular Ecology

(quick link to DNA barcoding)

Dr Aline Finger: Molecular Ecologist
Dr Markus Ruhsam: Molecular Ecologist
Prof Pete Hollingsworth: Director of Science

Hengduan Mountains, China

The work of the Genetics & Conservation section is supported by Research Associates with major contributions from

Dr Deborah Kohn: Bluebell ecology and conservation
Dr Heather McHaffie: Scottish plant conservation


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