The EURED Project

At a satellite workshop of the 9th International Mycological Congress (IMC9) in Edinburgh a group of European rust researchers met to discuss the way forward for rust research in Europe in the light of enhanced technological possibilities, including molecular methods.

The workshop concluded in recommending a renewed strategic research effort in the taxonomy and exploration of rust fungi across Europe, bringing together the know how and research facilities of those interested in these fungi. A first Call was published recently in Mycologia Balcanica.

One aim of the project is to facilitate access to specimen information using conventional databases and specimen label photographs. Online databases exist in some of the major herbaria such as the huge collection housed in Stockholm. Recent advancements in digital photography have opened new possibilities such as the wholescale photography of entire collections. One such collection of images is the EURED database in Edinburgh, covering the rust herbaria of Berlin (B), Copenhagen (CP), Edinburgh (E), Paris (PC) and St Petersburg (LE).

page last updated 11 August 2011.

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