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During the past years mycology staff at RBGE documented the rust fungi (Pucciniales or Uredinales) collections in the major European fungaria of Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg, as well as the collection held here at Edinburgh, by photographing each specimen sheet in the collections. The total number of specimens held in Europe is somewhere near 1 million, with large numbers in Berlin (ca. 114,000), Stockholm (ca. 100,000), Kew (ca. 61,300), Zürich (ca. 60,000) and Paris (ca. 33,000). Unfortunately, the collection in St. Petersburg, covering many Eastern European areas, is largely un-mounted, rendering it difficult to assessment (ca. 50,000 specimens).

The EURED label image database contains currently 80,000 images and a further 40,000 images are ready to upload. To access the database please use this link. Since September 2011 almost all type specimen label data have been entered. A link to specific type information is here.

The database is accessible generally. Rust researchers are encouraged to sign up for interactive input into the database in the groups of their interest. A poster about the project, presented at IMC9 in Edinburgh in 2010 can be viewed here.

To access taxa not already included in the on-line database, please contact the herbarium team at herbarium(at) and a special upload can be arranged.

The acquisition of images was generously supported by SYNTHESYS and the databasing by a grant from the Sibbald Trust.

page updated 3 September 2014.

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a specimen of Puccinia aegopodii in E (the RBGE herbarium)

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