PlantNetwork Target 8 Project

Safeguarding our vanishing flora 

345 British vascular plants are listed as threatened in the wild. Of these, 155, nearly half, grow in Scotland. Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation aims to have 75% of threatened plants in cultivation and 20% available for conservation projects by 2020.

Across our four gardens we currently cultivate, or hold as seed, 52 of the 155 threatened species in Scotland.

Rare Dryopteris fern in Atlantic woodland.

Rare fern, Dryopteris x sarvelae, growing in Atlantic woodland. 

Each year we aim to collect and cultivate 10 additional species based upon:

  • Level of threat
  • Likelihood of successful cultivation
  • Potential for restoration in the wild

Target 8

PlantNetwork's Target 8 Project sets a realistic goal for the conservation of some of our most threatened plants. It fosters practical action and collaborative working across botanic gardens and conservation agencies.

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Flower of Shetland mouse-ear.

Found only on the island of Unst, the Shetland mouse-ear, Cerastium nigrescens, grows on soil derived from the rare serpentine rock.

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