Fern Sampled Red List

The rate of species loss due to factors such as habitat destruction, unsustainable use and climate change is of global concern.

We are taking the lead on a conservation assessment of fern species as part of the IUCN Sampled Red List Index.

Species conservation status will be assessed in five groups of plants, with 1,200 species randomly selected from each group. The conservation assessment of the 1,200 fern species began in 2007. The assessments for all five groups will be reviewed in 2010 to assess progress towards the challenge of "significantly reducing the current rate of loss of biodiversity by 2010" issued by the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Blechnum cycadifolium, a rare fern unique to Juan Fernandez.

Blechnum cycadifolium, a threatened fern found only on Juan Fernández. 

Visit the Sampled Red List Index page for more information on this work. 

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A map of Africa showing which areas are protected

The overlap of species ranges and protected areas (green) is one source of evidence we use in providing a conservation assessment.

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