Where can you explore a tropical rainforest, an arid desert or a Scottish woodland in a single morning?

School programmes are inter-disciplinary, and use the RBGE’s living collections of plants in its renowned Gardens and glasshouses to make learning come alive. 

All school programmes at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are age-appropriate and linked to Curriculum for Excellence Experiences & Outcomes, SQA qualifications and equally easily link to English and other curricular requirements.  A visit to RBGE supports the Scottish Government's campaign for outdoor learning.

We offer programmes for: Early Years; P1-3; P4-7; and Secondary. Bespoke and Special Needs Programmes are also available (enquiries).

We also offer a suite of CPD/CLPL programmes focusing on STEM subjects, Early Years, Art and Gardening topics.

Curricular Areas targeted on our programmes:

Sciences:  The science of plants, structure and function and the importance of their biodiversity and conservation, is core to our mission and embodied in our programmes, giving context to curricular frameworks and delivered in relevant and exciting ways suitable for all ages.                                                                                                                              

Social Studies:  Plants are essential to every society on earth. We explore links between plants and people and their cultures, encouraging understanding about  other people, societies and beliefs and values’, especially focusing on developing awareness of environmental issues.

Health & Wellbeing:  Many of our programmes promote active learning outside, and support good health and personal wellbeing by providing close encounters with and care for nature.

Expressive Arts:  Art programmes, using a variety of media including photography, develop observation, artistic and creative skills whilst encouraging appreciation of nature’s beauty, linked to care for the environment.

Mathematics:  With new programmes for mathematics we recognise that our outdoor environment is an excellent resource for maths-based activities, making maths relevant to everyday life.

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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is a charity (registration number SC007983)