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We are pleased to announce two new works on Indian environmental history and botanical art by Henry Noltie, due for publication in May 2016:

Cleghorn Indian Forester, Scottish Laird: the Botanical Lives of Hugh Cleghorn of Stravithie

ISBN: 978-1-910877-10-4 (Volume 1); Price - £15 (plus postage & packing)

Hugh Francis Clarke Cleghorn (1820–1895) was one of the many remarkable Scottish surgeons who worked for the East India Company, but who used an official posting as a base for research upon India’s rich flora,
and recording it visually in drawings made by Indian artists. His particular interest was in useful plants, which led to the major work in the field of forest conservancy for which he is best remembered. This book offers a definitive biography of Cleghorn's life and work placing it in the latter days of the Scottish Enlightenment, both in the field of applied and useful knowledge, and the documentation of natural resources in both words and pictures.

Cleghorn CollectionThe Cleghorn Collection: South Indian Botanical Drawings, 1845 to 1860

ISBN: 978-1-910877-11-1 (Volume 2); Price - £20 (plus postage & packing)

After Cleghorn’s death his outstanding collection of drawings, and books relating to forestry and botany, was divided between the University of Edinburgh and what became the National Museum of Scotland. The latter share was transferred to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) in 1940, whereupon it was reunited with his substantial Indian herbarium that had been given in 1896. At this point Cleghorn became, if posthumously, one of the most significant benefactors in the Garden’s 300-year history – books dating back to 1582, and around 3000 exquisite botanical drawings. In this book, more than 200 of the drawings from the Cleghorn Collection are reproduced, in colour, for the first time. These include drawings from nature, copies based on European prints, and Nature Prints made from herbarium specimens. They are the work of several South Indian artists and of pupils of the pioneering Madras School of Art.

These two volumes can also be purchased as a set (ISBN: 978-1-910877-12-8) for £30 (plus postage & packing)

More information about the books is available here, including details of a pre-publication offer.


Nepal: An introduction to the natural history, ecology, and human environment of the Himalayas

Edited by Georg Miehe and Colin Pendry

ISBN: 978-1-910877-02-9; Price - £70 (plus postage & packing)

The Himalayas are Earth’s greatest mountain range, including its highest peaks, and they have profound effects on Asia’s climate, biodiversity and human cultures. Nepal is a microcosm for the Himalayas and this book, a companion volume to the Flora of Nepal, provides the definitive account of the country’s environment. It includes contributions from more than forty international experts describing the region’s geology, geomorphology, hydrology, climate, soils, evolutionary biology, ecology, palynology, ethnobotany, anthropology and conservation.

The publication of Nepal: An Introduction to the natural history, ecology and human environment of the Himalayas is the direct culmination of four years of work, but it is built on the four decade career of the lead editor, Georg Miehe, one of today’s leading authorities on the ecology of the Himalayas. The forty five other authors who have contributed to the book represent many of the foremost experts on the Himalayas.

The book includes a wealth of stunning pictures and although it is primarily written for a professional audience, it will have wider appeal to others with an interest in the region.

This title is available to order online.


Gingers of Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam

By Jana Leong-Škorničková & Mark Newman

ISBN: 978-9-810963-80-4; Price - £16 (plus postage & packing)

Singapore Botanic Gardens, National Parks Board in association wtih Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh & Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

The Gingers of Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam is the first guide to showcase the beauty and diversity of this economically and ecologically important plant family in these countries. Based on extensive fieldwork with local experts in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam from 1999 to 2014, this easy-to-use guide covers a wide range of topics in an introductory section followed by a chapter on each of the 18 ginger genera recorded in Indochina to date. Diagnostic characters, a description and notes on habitat, distribution and uses of each genus are provided. The book includes more than 420 colour illustrations making this a must-have practical reference work for anyone interested in these beautiful plants.

This title is available to order online.

Last Few Copies

Plants from the Woods and Forests of Chile

Book coverBy Martin Gardner, Paulina Hechenleitner and Josefina Hepp.  Paintings by acclaimed Turkish artists Gülnur Ekşi, Işık Güner and Hülya Korkmaz. Published October 2015.

A rare opportunity exists to own a copy of a truly exceptional large format book featuring 81 newly-commissioned botanical watercolour paintings showing the remarkable diversity of plants associated with the woods and forests of Chile. Each painting is accompanied by information on the habitat, conservation, cultivation and uses of the plant, drawn from the authors' decades of experience working with Chilean plants both in their native habitats and in cultivation, providing fascinating insights into this relatively little-known flora.

Published in a limited edition of 450 numbered copies and presented in a slip case, the book has been produced to a very high standard worthy of the paintings within and presents a rare opportunity for an investment to be greatly valued and cherished. More information about the book and examples of the paintings are available on the accompanying website.

The English-language edition is available to order online for £200 plus P&P. As of April 2016 fewer than 80 copies of this edition are still available to purchase.

A Spanish edition of the book was published in April 2016 but is now out of print.

Available Now

Rhododendrons of subgenus Vireya, 2nd edition

Book cover

By George Argent

ISBN: 978-1-910877-07-4 (pbk); Price - £40 (plus postage & packing)

Vireya rhododendrons are an attractive group of plants with a greater diversity of flower form than any other group of rhododendrons. They are widely grown around the world for their beautiful and sometimes powerfully perfumed flowers.

Published in association with the Royal Horticultural Society, this enlarged second edition incorporates new material, including 10 new species and many new and improved illustrations.

This title is available to order online.

Best Sellers

Plants: Healers and Killers

Plants: Healers and Killers examines the history, folklore and medicinal uses of 16 iconic plants and fungi, and the active substances that can be isolated from each. From notorious murders, accidental poisonings, possession by evil spirits and witches' brews to medicines that have revolutionised therapeutics, this book explores the power of plants and their ability to both heal and kill.

The book is priced at £15.00 and is available at the Botanics Shop and via our online publications store.

A book of treasures...

 Botanical Treasures: Objects from the Herbarium and Library of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh was published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the building which houses our extensive collections and offers a glimpse into some of the rarely seen and exquisite objects we hold. The selection, made by RBGE research and curatorial staff, gives an insight into the work of these two important collections. Each treasure has been photographed and its importance to our unique collection is explained in detail, with tales of daring exploits, discoveries which changed science and the history of our Edinburgh Garden among many others.

This book won runner up in the Best New Publications category of the Association for Cultural Enterprises Awards 2015.

The book is priced at £12.50 and is available at the Botanics Shop and via our online publications store.

How the Garden Grew

 How the Garden Grew: A Photographic History of RBGE is a collection of images from the RBGE Archive showing the Garden and the people who have worked in it through the ages . It contains over 100 beautiful black and white photographs.

 The book is priced at £12 and is available at the Botanics Shop and via our online publications store.

 A good time to start growing your own

 Growing your own vegetables, written by members of our Education department and the team behind the Edible Gardening project, is a great book to get you started in your own garden. It is full of hints and tips, space-saving ideas and helpful crop information. Whatever the space you have available this book will help you grow the food you want to eat and keep you harvesting all year round.

The book is priced at £10 and is available at the Botanics Shop and via our online publications store.

Visit our publications pages for more RBGE titles

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