Sibbaldia Horticultural Journal

The Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, edited by Dr David Rae, previously Director of Horticulture and Education. Sibbaldia publishes a broad range of practical knowledge and experience in botanic garden cultivation from many countries, built up over many decades. This is a must-have for horticultural staff and students, as well as scientists involved in cultivation practices at botanic gardens. Gardeners with an interest in unusual plants and conservation would enjoy it too!

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Below are links to the contents pages of each of the available volumes. You can but any of these volumes by emailing:

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 No 1

80pp, £4.99, published 2003.

 No 2

100pp, £5.99, published 2004.

No 3

92pp, £7.99, published 2005

No 4

108pp, £8, published 2006.

No 5

168pp, £12, published 2007.

 No 6

203pp, £15, published 2008.

 No 7

204pp, £15, published 2009.

 No 8

192pp, £15, published 2010.

 No 9

222pp, £18, published 2011.

 No 10

206pp, £18, published 2012

 No 11

188pp, £20, published 2013.

No 12

170pp, £25, published 2014.

Index for numbers 1-10

114pp, £10, published 2013.

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