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Plants: Healers and Killers

Professor Michael R Lee

Plants have been known for their medicinal properties for many centuries. In mythology and tales of ancient times lie clues to their usage and often the embellished claims of legend hold a grain of scientific truth. This book examines the history, folklore and medicinal uses of sixteen iconic plants and fungi, and the active substances which can be isolated from them. From notorious murders, accidental poisonings, possession by evil spirits and witches' brews to drugs which have revolutionised modern medicine, this book explores the power of plants.

Paperback, 160pp, fully colour illustrated throughout.

ISBN 978-1-906129-96-5

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Green Universe  - A Microscopic Voyage into the Plant Cell

by Professor Stephen Blackmore

Published in association with Papadakis Publisher

In Green Universe, Professor Stephen Blackmore takes us on a journey through time and space – from the origin of the first cells more than three billion years ago, through their complex history, to the myriad forms they now take and the perfectly-adapted organs and organisms they make up. Although we cannot live without them we tend to take plants for granted, as though they were all more or less the same, when nothing could be further from the truth. The more closely we look at the world around us, the more we can understand our own place in the complex web of life. Illustrated in full colour, Green Universe is an engaging read and a mine of information, celebrating the diversity of cells and the unity of all living things into which they are built.

Large format, landscape, hardback book with jacket. Illustrated throughout.


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The Living Collection

by Dr David Rae, Director of Horticulture at RBGE

A comprehensive account of the history, accession, care and maintainance of RBGE's living plant collection across our four Gardens. In The Living Collection David Rae offers a new way of seeing the extraordinary diversity of plants cultivated outside or under glass. The Director of Horticulture at RBGE also guides the reader behind the scenes to reveal the skilled work involved in caring for a world-famous collection and then explains exactly why it matters.

Colour large format paperback with photographs throughout.


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Gardening the Earth

Gardening the Earth - Gateways to a Sustainable Future

by Professor Stephen Blackmore

In this frank, but highly readable book, Professor Stephen Blackmore strips away the mystique and complexity that often shrouds the subject of climate change. No longer is it a topic exclusively for scientists and politicians to debate. Prof. Blackmore has thrown climate change into the public arena and his book puts the responsibility for conserving our planet well and truly in our hands. He emphasises the need to keep our rich biological inheritance and to recognise the importance of plants in keeping the global ecosystems balanced. He reminds us that we are all shareholders in planet Earth and that we need to invest in nature by tending the global garden.

Hear an excerpt of Stephen Blackmore lecturing about Gardening the Earth.

978-1-906129-19-4 (paperback) 978-1-906129-20-0 (hardback)
Large format, full colour illustrated with photos and illustrations throughout

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