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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh has been a world centre for the study of rhododendrons since it began to acquire the collections of Forrest, Rock and Kingdon Ward at the beginning of the 20th century. While the Garden has been recognised for most of that time for its contribution to the classification of Sino-Himalayan rhododendrons, the past 20 years has seen an increased interest in the study of the vireyas, a tropical group of rhododendrons largely from SE Asia. As a result of this research interest in the genus, the Garden now manages one of the most comprehensive living collections in the world, containing about half of all described rhododendron species.

Rhododendrons of subgenus Vireya, 2nd edition

by George Argent (2015)

978-1-910877-03-6, hardback, x + 454pp.

Vireya rhododendrons are an attractive group of plants with a greater diversity of flower form than any other group of rhododendrons. They are widely grown around the world for their beautiful and sometimes powerfully perfumed flowers.

Published in association with the Royal Horticultural Society, this enlarged second edition incorporates new material, including 10 new species and many new and improved illustrations.

The book is priced at £60.00 and is available at the Botanics Shop and to order directly from us here.

Accepted names in Rhododendron section Vireya

by George Argent et al. (1996)
ISBN 1 872291 56 2, softback, ii + 40pp.Please contact pps@rbge.org.uk to order this title.

This booklet lists all currently accepted Vireya names together with their synonyms, plus provides a complete alphabetical listing of all published names. It has been produced to draw together the main taxonomic changes that have occurred at the species level or below since Professor Sleumer's major publication in Flora Malesiana in 1966. These lists, like those in The Genus Rhododendron, were generated from the information held on the Garden's database, BG-BASETM.

Hardy Rhododendron Species coverHardy Rhododendon Species - A Guide to Identification

James Cullen
ISBN 0 88192 723 9, Hardback, 230 x 180mm. Extent 496 pages, illustrated throughout with 175 colour photographs and 3 line drawings. Published by Timber Press in association with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Retail price £35 plus £5.00 p&p (UK).  All trade queries for this publication should be sent to Timber Press at www.timberpress.com

For the enthusiastic amateur or experienced rhododendron grower, this landmark reference provides the keys to the accurate identification of the nearly 300 rhododendron species widely in cultivation. An extensive introduction places the work in context as it examines the history of Rhododendron classification and gives a full survey of plant structures throughout the many species. Species are listed in systematic order, so that similar species occur close to each other in the text. These are fully described, including complete citations of previous references and notes on the occurrence of wild-origin specimens in cultivation. Beautiful photographs include close-up shots of flower and leaf, microscope images of leaf surfaces, and easy-to-use diagnostic keys, making this the indisputable volume for plant identification. A milestone in the identification of rhododendrons, this will become an essential reference for botanists, nurserymen, and enthusiasts. 

Rhododendrons in Horticulture & ScienceRhododendrons in Horticulture & Science

Editors: George Argent & Marjorie McFarlane.
ISBN 1 872291 49 X, softback, 320pp with 56 full colour plates. Please contact pps@rbge.org.uk to order this title.

This book for rhododendron lovers of all persuasions covers a broad range of topics presented at the Rhododendron Conference in 2002. The Conference, held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, brought together scientists, horticulturists and rhododendron enthusiasts.

The subjects covered include the latest field work in China and South-East Asia; growing techniques and current research into vireya anatomy, cold tolerance, pests and diseases and the latest in molecular taxonomy. Much of this work is new. The authors are of international repute, and write with enthusiasm as well as authority.
In this volume there is something for everyone interested in this beautiful shrub genus, and much that has implications for horticulture and science in general.

Rhododendrons of the subgenus vireya Rhododendrons of subgenus Vireya

Dr George Argent
ISBN 1 902896 61 0, Hardback, 246 x 189mm. Extent 392 pages, full colour throughout, full glossary of terms with line drawing illustrations. Published by the Royal Horticultural Society in association with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Price: £55 plus £5 postage and packing for UK delivery (overseas rates available on request).

This book is the first scientific account of Vireya Rhododendrons since Sleumer's Flora Malesiana (1966). A new work has been long overdue as a result of increased horticultural interest and the extensive fieldwork that has been done - not a little of which was carried out by the author.

This exciting group has more diverse flower form than any other group of Rhododendrons and makes up almost one-third of the genus. It is an essential purchase for any rhododendron enthusiast, whose library will be incomplete without it. The author has had 25 years studying Vireya Rhododendrons at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, with extensive field research in the forests and mountains of South East Asia. As a result, he has written a user-friendly account that is scientifically sound but accessible to both professional and amateur botanists and horticulturists. 

The Genus Rhododendron: Its Classification and Synonymy

by David Chamberlain et al. (1996)
ISBN 1 872291 66 X, softback, viii + 184pp. Please contact pps@rbge.org.uk to order this title.

This publication contains alphabetical and taxonomic lists of names in the genus Rhododendron, (published up to the end of 1995 and based on the series of monographs detailed above. However, it incorporates adjustments resulting from recent international research. It also includes an alphabetical list of Biological Recording Unit codes along with a record of the accepted taxa that occur in each, plus a list of the living collections of Rhododendron at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

While names of known hybrids are included, those taxa regarded as cultivars are not. Names for more recently described species, subspecies and varieties are also given where they are known to the authors.

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