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3 Nov 2007

David Stephenson (born 1959, Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK) has had a long association with the art and music worlds. He has been writing song lyrics since he was ten years old, becoming especially inspired by the arrival of the London and New York Punk Rock scenes of the late 1970s. This was followed by an enthusiastic love and wide research of American Blues and Soul music, which also influenced Stephenson to teach himself blues harmonica (the only instrument he can play proficiently).

SMITH/STEWART Enter Love and Enter Death

3 Nov 2007 

Enter Love and Enter Death is Stephanie Smith and Edward Stewart's exhibition made for Inverleith House, the Georgian mansion in Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden. Throughout the building's seven rooms, handmade sculptural elements divide the space and the field of view in a typically pared-back way, leading the viewer to consider the building itself within the Garden beyond.

Edinburgh botanists take expertise to Oman

10 Oct 2007

A new 425 hectare botanical garden is to be created in the sultanate of Oman - thanks to the knowledge and expertise of botanists at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE).

Anne discovers botanical wonders of oil shale bings

9 Oct 2007

Botanist Anne Prestage unearthed the natural wonders of West Lothian's oil shale bings while carrying out research for a diploma at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE).

Spotlight on hidden heroes of the plant kingdom

27 Sep 2007

The challenges - and magnitude - of protecting diverse species of mosses, ferns, lichens and liverworts while also raising public awareness of the aesthetic and conservation values of these lower plants and fungi has been tackled during a high-level PlantNetwork conference at Benmore Botanic Garden, near Dunoon.

Youngsters invited to discover magic of plants

24 Sep 2007

Budding Harry Potters can learn more about the magical world of plants and get an insight into the mysteries of herbology, thanks to the wizardry of Richard Baines, Curator at Logan Botanic Garden, Wigtownshire.

Major conference to be held at Benmore

10 Sep 2007

Benmore Botanic Garden's outstanding collection of mosses, fern and lichens will be put under the spotlight when botanists and horticulturists gather in Argyll for a major conference organised by PlantNetwork.

Wishing for a brighter future

5 Sep 2007

A Tree of Hope accompanying the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh's Hard Rain photographic exhibition has already inspired some 1000 individuals to share their hopes for a fairer world.

West Gate closes as Garden transformation starts

3 Sep 2007

The West Gate of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), has been closed to allow the start of construction of the Garden's new state-of-the-art visitor centre.

Musical dynasty brings taste of Africa to Edinburgh

8 Aug 2007

East African music legends the Zawoses perform at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) from August 8 to August 19.

Chance to name biodiversity centre

8 Aug 2007

Members of the public are being given the opportunity to name the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh's new £15.7m state-of-the-art visitor centre.

Hard-hitting images on song at the Garden

20 Jul 2007 

Stunning and soul-searching images inspired by the Bob Dylan classic A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall head-up the Fringe Festival offering at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) this summer.

William Eggleston - Portraits 1974

17 Jul 2007 

Inverleith House is set to unveil the first showing of large-format colour photographs by William Eggleston, taken in 1974, but only recently printed for the first time.

Botanics toasts the man who brought order out of chaos

22 May 2007 

Swedish singer Axel Falk leads the celebrations in honour of his fellow countryman, Carl Linnaeus, when the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)toasts the 300th anniversary of the birth of the man who revolutionised the system for classifying and naming all life on Earth.

Scotland's first bulb house opens at the Botanics

14 May 2007 

Scotland's first bespoke polycarbon bulb house has been built at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE). The 9m x 9.6m structure will accommodate RBGE's burgeoning international bulb collection.

Art and Science of the Enlightenment are brought to life

26 Apr 2007 

A rich account of sub-continental journeys, scientific exploration and remarkable artistry is brought to light in Robert Wight and the Botanical Drawings of Rungiah & Govindoo by Dr Henry Noltie.

Botanics' first live link is a roaring success

20 Apr 2007 

One hundred and twenty two people in the heart of Scotland's capital became at one with the Central American jungle last week when RBGE presented live footage of jaguar conservation work from its research station in Belize.

Saltire flies for science research in Edinburgh

18 Apr 2007 

Dr Pete Hollingsworth is to receive official recognition for his pioneering research work using genetic technologies to study plant biodiversity.

Looking to the future at Logan

30 Mar 2007 

Logan Botanic Garden has opened its gates for the 2007 season under the new Curator Richard Baines (40), who comes to the Rhins of Galloway with an impressively diverse background in horticulture, forestry and education.

Mudslides underscore the need for reforestation

12 Mar 2007 

An Edinburgh botanist working to alleviate environmental erosion caused by deforestation in central Peru has seen his latest book published, within days of mudslides which were reported to have killed at least 16 people and left scores more homeless.

Plant ambassador launches Gardening Scotland

7 Mar 2007 

It is one of the world's rarest plants, feared to be extinct in its native habitat. But, there is hope for Rhododendron tuhanensis as horticulturalists tend it at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) - and adorn it with the mantle of "ambassador" to promote their presence at Gardening Scotland, running from June 1 to June 3.

Juergen Teller Awailable, Andrew Miller Sixes and Sevens

2 Feb 2007 

Inverleith House opens its 2007 season with two complementary exhibitions providing audiences with insight into the work of one of the world's most forceful fashion photographers and a rising Scottish artist, through the meeting of Juergen Teller's Awailable and Andrew Miller's Sixes and Sevens.

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