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Scientific framework for tropical America

Game of cones: school gamers recruited to save trees

With new threats to tree health never far from the news, the game plan for seven Scottish research institutes has been to work with computer game designers and create a freely-available platform on which young players can pit their wits against pests and diseases in the virtual forest survival strategy game CALEDON. The ultimate aim being to encourage a new generation of much-needed tree health specialists.

Benmore BioBlitz is a record breaker

Science and Horticulture must combine forces to save nature

Lichens - making invisible nasties visible

Healthy human lives depend on clean air. But, air pollution is recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the biggest environmental health issues of our time, contributing to around 40,000 UK deaths every year. So, how can you tell if the air is clean? The answer is now at hand, thanks to researchers at RBGE who have published an easy-to-use air quality self-assessment package that could ultimately help save lives through people power.

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