Corporate objectives

The Garden derives the following nine corporate objectives from the functions defined in the Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act, 1985 and from the requirements for effective governance and income generation.

Objective 1. Collections Management:

to manage and develop the national heritage collections of RBGE, namely its living collections, herbarium, library and other collections to maximise their use in research, to interpret them for educational purposes and to make them accessible to their many users.

Objective 2. Research:

to make best use of RBGE's assets and resources to carry out a world class programme of scientific research, centered around the disciplines of taxonomy, systematics and biodiversity research, and to disseminate the results.

Objective 3. Plant Conservation and Sustainable Development:

to contribute to both ex-situ and in-situ conservation of threatened plants through hands-on projects and fundamental research; to undertake work on the biodiversity and sustainable utilisation of plant resources independently and in collaboration with others.

Objective 4. Education and Public Awareness:

to educate and inform the public of the vital importance of plants and plant science, including the work of RBGE, through a varied programme of courses, interpretation, events, talks and exhibitions; to provide professional training in horticulture and plant taxonomy.

Objective 5. Specialist Services:

to provide authoritative specialist services including plant quarantine and identification of plants and their pests and diseases; to offer specialist consultancy services drawing on the expertise of staff.

Objective 6. Visitor Services:

to provide an inspiring, enjoyable and safe visitor experience at each of our gardens; to develop higher levels of service and provision to end users.

Objective 7. Infrastructure:

to develop people to be key resources, and to provide infrastructure and development support to develop and deliver human resources policies (including training and staff development), financial information, estates management and compliance with legislation.

Objective 8. Environmental Responsibility:

to be in the forefront of developing environmentally responsible and sustainable policies and procedures across all areas of RBGE's activities and be an example of best practice with regard to policies which minimise impact or actively enhance the environment.

Objective 9. Income Generation:

to secure the financial resources needed to achieve RBGE's objectives and give the Garden a sustainable, long-term future.
Staff in various Divisions of the Garden contribute to the delivery of the corporate objectives as shown below:

Corporate Objectives

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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is a charity (registration number SC007983)