Corporate information

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is a dynamic and diverse organisation comprising of four Gardens located across Scotland.

RBGE as an organisation

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) sponsored and supported through Grant-in-Aid by the Scottish Government's Environment and Forestry Directorate (ENFOR). It is governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by Scottish Ministers. The RBGE senior management team is headed by the Regius Keeper, Simon Milne.

The organisation comprises over 200 staff drawn from a variety of occupations and disciplines, contributing in many different ways to its overall objectives and functions. The Garden is organised into four divisions: Science, Horticulture, Corporate Services and Enterprise with a directorate staff supporting the Regius Keeper.

RBGE also has a legal status as an academic institution.

How we are financed

Scottish Government's Environment and Forestry Directorate (ENFOR) is our sponsor department and as such provides much of our income as Grant-in-Aid. We also receive income from research grants, and other capital grants.

In addition, we generate trading income from the shops at the four Gardens; and obtain income from investments, education courses and admission charges at the Regional Gardens, consultancy, events, publishing, exhibitions and other sources. As a registered charity, we also depend on financial support from the public through membership fees and donations. For a detailed breakdown of our income, please download the "How we are financed" information sheet from the box on the right.

Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services is responsible for the Garden's finances, personnel, estates management and IT requirements amongst other services. It also develops and implements policies governing the way it and its staff operate.

Complaints and Comments

If you have a complaint we would like to hear from you to help us develop as an organisation. Please contact us using the enquiry form (select ‘Secretariat').


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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is a charity (registration number SC007983)